PowerBelt AeroLite AeroTip Bullets 250 Grain 15 pack $29.99 PowerBelt AeroLite AeroTip Bullets are the most advanced muzzleloading bullets ever developed, with all of the benefits of saboted bullets but none of the problems.ike sabots, the PowerBelt Bullet's patented snapon base creates a perfect gas seal,

Super hard polycarbonate AeroTipTM fills the void of the oversized point and serves.

Last week I got some 00 grain Aerotip Aerolite bullet and.

Hollow Point w Tip 1 0 Gr. Featured Bullet Ballistic Table Common Questions.

PowerBeltTM Powerbelt Aerolite Aerotip Bullets 250 Grain AeroLiteTM Black Powder Bullets. 0 Cal Package of 1 Free Shipping with Gun Purchase! Html PowerBelt Aerolite Bullets Review 0 00 grain Muzzle.

Magnum loads. Turn on search history to start remembering your searches.

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0 caliber 0 grains 1 round box Snap on base creates a gas seal to provide consistent pressure and accuracy Great flight performance to offer long flat trajectories and controlled expansion Large hollow point cavity reduces weight and helps maximize expansion Polycarbonate tip preserves. I get great mushrooms but the bullet often hangs up on the off side hide. Best Prices Fast Shipping No Taxes on All Bullets! The AeroLite has a much larger hollow point cavity than either the Platinum or Copper PowerBelts. The deer dont go far I have had no problems finding them Gold Tip Expedition Hunter Pre Cut Arrows 30 7595. PRICED RIGHT!

SHOP bullets powerbelt aerolite 0 grain ac1 0at. However the AeroLite bullet itself is completely different on the inside being specifically designed to deliver optimal performance when used with standard 100 grain propellant charges the charge used by most hunters. The bullet now known as the PowerBelt was originally designed by a small group of black powder enthusiasts who set out to create the perfect muzzleloading projectile. PowerBelt Bullet Review I tested PowerBelts 0gr AeroLite and 0gr Platinum bullets in a CVA Wolf Northwest using both standard and magnum loads. I havent lost a deer that I shot with them. I have been using the grain powerbelt bullets with great success. Fast flight amazing expansion!

Results in longer flatter trajectories and controlled expansion. CVA Bergara USA Quake Industries BPI Inc. Features and Benefits.

Bullet shape is also longer producing more stability in flight. Find a Dealer Become a Dealer Gerber Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Lockback Knife. Flat trajectories and controlled expansion Large hollow point cavity reduces weight and helps maximize expansion Polycarbonate tip preserves. Media Contact. PowerBelt Aerolite 0 Grain Bullets. Affiliates. Disappointed with the inconsistent accuracy of the old style conical bullets and frustrated with the difficult loading of the modern sabots they created a. Large hollow cavity creates huge controlled expansion while eliminating weight. Corporate Info. Dangerous Practices Bass Pro Shops Extreme Spincast Reel Model Etxsc10.

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